What To Look For In A Gas Fitter?

LPG Gas LPG Gas is probably one of the riskiest things we have in our homes. A small leak can cause serious damages including gas poisoning and explosions that can reduce your whole house with everything in it to ashes. That is why a professional gas fitter is recommended to deal with gas problems. Not everyone is calling themselves gas fitter can be trusted. Some of them are either fake or very inexperienced. So what can help you pick a reliable gas fitter in Brisbane? Well, we’ve rounded up some of the key issues you need to think about.

Here are tips on what to look for in a gas fitter.


Gas Fitter License

The first thing should be a gas fitting license – the gas fitter MUST be licensed by a professional body. First, a license shows that they are operating legally. Second, it is an indication that they have gone through the rigorous vetting process where everything including their qualification and experience is checked. They are also taken through training to enhance their gas fitting skills. Therefore, to become a gas fitter in Brisbane, it’s a process that ensures the safety of the residents. But how do you tell if they are faking? Well, it is easy to tell whether a gas fitter has a genuine license or not. Ask for the details of their gas fitting license.


Gas Fitter or Plumber?

This is one thing that really confuses homeowners, and most end up choosing the wrong person. A gas fitter and a plumber are two different professionals. However, it is possible to have a qualified, licensed plumber who also provides professional, licensed gas fitting services.

Consider hiring a company who is able to provide plumbing as well as gas fitting services in Brisbane order to save money. You will then only need to hire one individual instead of two different companies. This is especially helpful when it comes to gas hot water heaters. A licensed plumber and gas fitter will be able to handle the entire installation for you. Note that not all plumbers are licensed gas fitters, so be careful to choose a plumbing company who is also licensed to provide gas fitting services.


What Do Gas Fitters Do?


Understanding what a gas fitter can do is crucial so that you don’t call the wrong person. A licensed gas fitter is trained to repair, service and replace natural gas appliance like gas BBQs, upright cookers, cooktops, and fixtures in industrial, commercial and residential applications. They are also the guys to call when you are converting BBQs to natural gas is giving you trouble. Here are some of the main gas fitter duties.

  • Installing gas pipe
  • Installing gas appliances
  • Testing pipework used for gas appliance
  • Installing the LPG system in caravans and boats
  • Installing has detections and pressure regulating systems
  • Maintaining gas appliance as necessary
  • Installing a gas appliance flues
  • Installing and maintaining gas related equipment
  • Studying and interpreting blueprints and drawing
  • Maintain pipes and other ancillary equipment


Do They Have Insurance In Place?

Another key thing you must look for in a gas fitter in Brisbane is insurance. It is something most homeowners ignore, but it’s a crucial requirement. LPG gas is very risky to deal with as it can cause serious damages while being fixed. There might be an explosion or injuries in the process. That is why homeowners must be protected from such damages and having an insured gas plumber is the safest way to go about it. Make sure that the gas plumber has insurance coverage that will take care of all the damages and injuries likely to happen in your property. With that, you will be safe from extra costs that might arise from accidents and other forms of damages in the process.


Gas Fitter

How Experienced Is the Gas Fitter?

In any kind of job, experience is crucial. You might have all gas fitters on your list are licensed and insured, but experience can make a huge difference regarding the quality of service. Always choose one that has lots of experience if you are looking for quality and a job done well. If you have a gas plumber with almost two decades of experience, you cannot compare them with newbies in the industry. It might cost you an extra amount, but it will be worth it. Such professionals are unlikely to make mistakes. Therefore, emphasize on experience.


Check Online Reviews

Don’t forget to check the reputation of a gas fitter before hiring them. You might find a company that has everything including license and insurance but offers terrible services. That’s the reason why you need to do extra work and do a background check on every gas plumber to find out how they are rated in terms of customer satisfaction levels. Check what previous clients are saying about the service provider. Are they happy or complaining? If there are complaints, what are they about? Shoddy work? These are the things that will help you gauge the reputation of the gas fitter. Although online platforms are a great place to get such information, you can also ask friends and family about the company.


Availability and Response

If you are choosing a gas fitter in Brisbane for the first time, probably you might need them in the future because there are many benefits that come with sticking to one service provider. That is why you need to check their availability as well as response time because a gas problem is an emergency. Therefore, choose a gas fitter that is based in Brisbane and have a quick response time. If you are residing in the suburbs, you need a reliable gas fitter in rural Brisbane. That’s what will guarantee safety since any gas problem can then be solved within the shortest time possible.

So if you are looking for a gas fitter in Brisbane, check out for these things. The good news is that Brisbane has some of the best gas fitters you can find in Australia. Among the top-rated companies is LJM Plumbing, who has been providing excellent gas fitting services in Brisbane since 2003. Call them any time you have a gas problem, and you’ll be impressed by their response time and quality of work.