Jet Rodding

Clogged drains may be one of the most annoying problems to have in a home. It’s also one of the most common problems.

What if we told you we had the secret to avoiding clogged pipes? Call us today and get your drains unblocked with our jet rodding service!

What is Jet Rodding?

Jet rodding services could be the answer to all of our drain problems.

This article covers the basics of jet rodding and how special plumbing services can be helpful in the home. We’ve also included some tips on how to avoid clogged pipes.

Jet rodding, or drain jetting, is the process of using high-pressure water to clean hard to reach places like pipes and drains. A jet rodder is a special attachment nozzle that allows water to disperse at full speed with maximum pressure. Jet rodding is usually used to remove build-up and clear blockages.

Grease and hair are common forms of debris found in piping systems. A jet rodder system is designed to remove these clogged up particles by pushing them out.

Jet rodding can be done with several different types of heads and nozzles.  All jet rodder nozzles are equipped with jets on the front and the side, the front jets work to clear blockages while the side jets push the hose. Some jet rodders are designed with spray functions that create special spray patterns for efficiency.

Jet rodding is one of the most efficient ways to clear a blocked drain or pipe. The rodding technology is built to clear out everything from tree roots to toilet paper.  The high pressure 500psi force of a jet rodder is fierce but more gentle on piping than an electric eel plumbing system.

Drain blockages and buildup can be difficult to take care of without a professional, and managing the equipment without experience could be dangerous. Contact LJM Plumbing, Gas & Drainage to evaluate your drain systems and identify the cause of the blockage, repair any defective parts, and create a complete maintenance plan.

Jet rodding in a residential area

How to Unblock a Drain With Jet Rodder

If you’re wondering how to use a jet rodding machine your best bet may be to hire a professional to get the job done.

Jet rodding could be a DIY project, but there are things that should be considered before water jetting. If the clogged pipe is old or fragile, high-pressure water could cause cracking or damage if not handled properly.

To avoid damaging pipes, your best bet is contacting local qualified plumbers or plumbing services.

Handling a blockage using a water jetter

How to Prevent Blocked Drains

burst pipe spurting water

Prevention is always better than a cure. So how do we prevent clogged pipes and save ourselves the headache?

The best way to prevent clogging is to have regular professional maintenance and servicing.

The next best way to prevent unwanted build-up is to watch what gets into them.

Regular household items can destroy a drain. Built-up grease, hair & hair-pins, soap scum, and coffee grounds are just a few of the items that commonly clog drains.  Here are a few basic tips that can help stop your drain from getting clogged up.

  • Use a drain screen – Drain screens are a great way to minimise soap scum and debris from getting down the drain
  • Scrape your plates and your coffee grounds – Avoid putting plates in the sink with large chunks of food, or spilling your coffee grounds into the sink.
  • Beware of grease. Save cooking grease in an old can and dispose of the can in the trash when full.
  • Remove easily to reach hair and build-up from drains.
  • Watch what you throw in your toilet and sinkAvoid throwing personal items that may cause blocked drains like sanitary pads and wet wipes.
  • Get pipes and drains professionally inspected at least once every 2 years.

Taking these precautions will help keep pipes from clogging, but getting drains inspected and service regularly is the key to healthy drains and pipes.

In a large household, more debris is likely to clog the drain. Getting pipes and plumbing systems inspected at least once every two years (and anytime in between in the case of excessive clogging or foul odors) will help to avoid expensive emergency service calls.

Unblock Your Drain With High Pressure Water Jetter

Handling a blockage using a water jetter

A high-pressure water jetter, also known as a sewer jetter, is one of the most efficient ways to clean a clogged drain.

A water jetter uses a long hose to disperse high-pressure water through clogged pipes at flexible angles. The jetter hose pushes forward into the drain and scrubs the insides of the pipe.

A water jetter is extremely efficient, the attachment can be used with a pressure washer and it’s much easier and more precise than using a plumbing eel or a mechanical drain snake.

Here are a few reasons to consider handling blockages with a high-pressure water jetter.

  • A water jetter requires less physical energy than other drain cleaning devices.
  • Water jetting is efficient and thorough. The jetting technology scrubs away grime from drains and reduces the amount of maintenance needed in the future.
  • Water jetter attachments are easy to clean and store
  • A water jetter removes clogs and breaks down residue.

Using a water jetter attachment is the most efficient way to remove clogs and build-up from sinks, toilets, and other household systems. Be sure to get a jetter attachment that is the right size and diameter for the pressure washer.

Clogged drains can be annoying, but they don’t have to be a hassle. If you’re sick and tired of dealing with clogged plumbing yourself, try contacting a professional plumbing service or reaching out to a licensed plumber.

Plumbing services in the Sunshine Coast are everywhere, but LJM Plumbing, Gas & Drainage is the most reliable and efficient service in Brisbane. We handle all of your plumbing needs including drain cleaning and blockages. They also offer gas fitting Brisbane services and hot water servicing.

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