Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck with a cracked – or even worse – a broken pipe, you already know it’s a drama you’d rather avoid. Not only is it expensive to call-out somebody to find and repair the issue, but it is almost always a very messy job that causes a major disruption to your life to fix completely.

Pipe Relining Solutions

Thankfully, due to modern plumbing technology, there is an alternative method to digging up and replacing the old pipes completely. This alternative is called pipe relining. Pipe lining is a plumbing technique that uses a special waterproof resin to coat the inside of the old pipes. This seals any holes or cracks so any leaks are stopped.

This method will help prevent future plumbing issues with old pipes and can save you a lot in repair costs in the long run. If you’re interested in learning more about pipe relining, keep reading! We’ll discuss the benefits of this process and how it works in detail.

So, what varierty of issues can pipe relining fix? It’s possible to use this process to repair:

· A broken or partially collapsed sewer-pipe

· Damaged or completely missing water lines

· Faulty pipe joints or loose connections

· Tree roots growing into the pipes causing further cracking

· General leaks and/or cracks

Pipe relining is a process that consists of inserting a tube into the leaking drainpipe. This tube is then filled with resin, which coats the inside of the old pipe in order to seal cracks or leaks. Once the resin has hardened, you’ll be left with an entirely new piping system that will stop existing leaks and prevent future issues.

The resin is capable of doing this because it’s flexible, meaning that it can move with the pipes. Traditional pipe repair materials are rigid, which means they will come loose over time. Resin lining is designed to last for decades after being installed.

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Problems With Sewer Pipes

Sewer lines can become damaged over time, due to corrosion or faulty installation. This can lead to sewage backing up into your home, which is a health hazard and stinky nuisance. It can also damage your home and cause an increased risk of flooding.

Luckily, pipe lining is a viable alternative to excavating or replacing your sewer lines. It’s quick, clean and efficient!

How Does Sewer Pipe Relining Work?

Trenchless pipe relining is made up of three steps.

Unblocking the Drains

Oil, fats, and hair particles build-up, foreign objects, tree roots, and faulty or damaged pipe system are all causes of drain pipe blockage. To unblock a clogged drain pipe, hydro jets are used to send high pressure, high volume water to clear any blockages.

Once the blocked pipes are cleared, the next step is a camera inspection.

CCTV Camera Inspection of the Drains

Once the drain is clear, an inspection takes place. Plumbers will use a small CCTV camera to examine your plumbing system and determine the locations of underground pipes that were damaged, cracked or missing and require pipe repairs.

This allows them to give you an accurate estimate on what they need to do to repair broken sewerage pipes before performing the trench-less pipe relining.

At this stage, our plumbers will be able to give an estimate of how much the pipe relining cost. You may also inspect your damaged pipes’ interior through the inspection opening in the CCTV before and after the relining jobs.

Defective Pipe Relining Installation

Once the plumber knows where and how he will reline pipes, the installation process begins. Resin lining is used to fix plumbing issues such as broken pipes, cracks, holes, and leaky joints, in line with Queensland Government’s Plumbing and Drainage regulations.

First, a thin liner material (semi-rigid or flexible) is inserted into the pipe through a small tube. Epoxy resin mixture, which is already mixed and contained in a hose attached to the machine, is then pulled through the liner and into the pipe via suction force. This deposits an even layer of resin coating on inside of your plumbing system. The process will be repeated until the broken pipe is fixed.

If you let epoxy resin cure on its own, the curing process will take some time. However, water and UV radiation can speed up the curing process.

Once the resin has hardened, it will seal up any holes or cracks that existed before, preventing further leaks and damage to your system. Drain lines are now ready for water flow once again!

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The Benefits of Pipe Relining

There are many benefits of using pipe relining, including:

Cost Effectiveness

Pipe lining is a more efficient solution compared to traditional repair methods which involve digging up your yard, line replacement and then landscaping. Sewer pipe relining can be done from the inside of the old pipe without disturbing ground cover or lawns. This means there’s no mess to clean up after the job is completed! Pipe relining service is a lot more affordable than excavating or replacing your existing pipes. Depending on the extent of pipe damage, costs will vary.

No Damaged Pipe Replacement Required

Pipe relining services do not require any digging or replacing existing pipes, which can save you money and time. The cracked or broken pipes can be repaired by using pipe relining process with epoxy resin. You won’t have to buy new pipes and the relined pipes tend to outlast the new ones because of its flexibility and durability.

No Major Disruption to Your Home

Pipe lining services require no major disruptions or messes that come with more invasive plumbing repairs. If you already have blocked drains, then the pipe relining experts can go into action quickly and efficiently without causing too much trouble. If you choose to go with trench-less pipe lining, you will not have to redo your garden or landscaping.

Prevents Future Leaks and Problems

Once pipe lining is installed, it prevents any future leaks, cracks or problems with your pipes. This saves you money and time, because you won’t ever need to deal with plumbing issues again. Pipe relining is made from high quality materials that are designed to last for decades after installation has occurred.

How Much Does Pipe Relining Cost?

We all know that plumbing repairs can be expensive, but do you know just how much pipe relining costs?

Before the process begins, we will come out to your home or office to give you an estimate on costs involved with any work we plan on performing. Depending on the extent of damage to your cracked or broken pipes we will assess whether relining is suitable. Relining pipes cost is usually a lot lower than traditional excavation and replacement methods.

Closing on Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a process that uses epoxy resin to seal leaks and cracks in broken or damaged pipes. It is a more efficient, affordable, and less invasive solution than traditional repair excavation and replacement method, which will not only ruin your landscape but It will cost you a lot more time and money!

There is no need to dig or change existing sewer pipes for pipe relining. Once pipe relining has been put in and the relined pipes have had time to cure, you will not have to worry about any future leaks, fractures, or pipe repair issues for a long time.

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