Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Ultimate Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

The modern plumbing systems are extremely complex, mostly due to the rising demand and the increase in appliances in both residential and commercial areas. Being so complex, it’s very easy for these systems to fail frequently. Therefore, you need to be extra vigilant by checking the system regularly to ensure it is functioning properly. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Plumbing System

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your plumbing system in good shape all year round. It may take a little time but it can help avert disasters and costly breakdowns if done properly. Here is LJM Plumbing‘s ultimate plumbing maintenance checklist:



  • Cleaning Sink Clean sink drain regularly – This is one of the best ways through which you can reduce the chances of having your kitchen sink blocked. Using a mild homemade drain cleaner on a regular basis will help to break down the usual buildup of debris to keep the water flowing nicely.
  • Check for sink leaks – Leaks are some of the most disturbing plumbing problems with kitchen sinks. The fact that sinks are the most used part of the kitchen means that they are more likely to be the source of a leak problem. Search for escaping water at the sink strainer, faucet or any other sink accessory on a regular basis.
  • Check for garbage disposal leaks – This is another appliance that is the source of many plumbing problems. Keep checking for any leaks on a regular basis, paying particular attention to its hoses. If you have the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, follow them strictly.




  • Clear slow drains – If you notice that your drain is slowing, it’s a sign of a clog or debris build up, and you need to have it cleared immediately. You can use different means to improve the flow of water. Either pouring hot water or a mild homemade drain cleaner down your drain is the best option. If possible, do it every few months or when the drain shows signs of slowing down again.
  • Fixing a Running Toilet Fixing a running toilet – A running toilet is one of the major bathroom plumbing problems. This is mostly caused by wear and tear of some parts of the toilet such as the gaskets. There are numerous ways to diagnose this problem. Checking running water when the toilet is not being flushed is the best method.
  • Fixing the shower and faucet – If you notice a small leak from a faucet or shower, have it fixed before it worsens. The wasted water will cost you a lot on your utility bills and can cause surprising water damage.


Septic and Sewer


  • Regular plumbing maintenance of the septic system – Most of the problems associated with septic system results from debris build up. Regularly maintenance and inspection are crucial for the proper functioning of your septic system. If you are in a place where tree roots can be a cause of the sewer line blockage, then you need to put preventive measures in place.




  • Check the hot water system – A home hot water system is one of the most ignored appliances in most Australian households. The common plumbing problems that you should be checking include pressure and the temperature of the water. Make sure that the plumbing system is not put under stress due to excess pressure.