How To Prevent Bad Odour Wafting Out of Your Drain

How To Prevent Bad Odour Wafting Out of Your Drain

The fact that indoor plumbing is designed to flush waste away from your home does not make it a one-way street. Sometimes, system problem can send the disgusting sewer odours back up the drain and into your home. Several factors can lead to a bad smell wafting out of the drain. First, sewer can flow back as a result of blockage in the pipe. Leaks from other rotten or cracked drain pipes can also be the root cause of the acrid smell in the room. Other causes include having a dry trap, loose fitting connections, having a clogged drain and having a short vent pipe among many others.

The problems mentioned above can be mitigated or completely dealt with if the cause is known. Below are the solutions to mitigating the wafting acrid smell from the drain.

Fill the Dry Trap

As expected, the drain should be having some water in it. Bad smell from other pipes connected to this drain pipes may start finding its way out through the drain. The drain should be having some water in it at all times. This is to prevent the bad smell from coming back to the room. Once the drain is dry you should find out why since it can be caused by several things. Some include having a broken pipe around the drain, not using the drain for a long time thereby making the drain to dry up among many other causes.

Ensure That You Pour Boiling Water in the Drain

Pour Hot Water on Drain Bad air from the drain is mostly caused by decaying waste from the pipe. This can be caused by the blocked pipe or continuous pouring of waste material without cleaning the drain regularly. One of the best methods of preventing bad air from coming out of the drain is ensuring total cleanliness. Boiling water is known to clean the drain thereby preventing the awful smell. Bad smell is caused by accumulation and decaying of the waste products. When boiling water is jetted in the drain it’s able to kill some of the bacteria that cause decaying. Always ensure that you clear your drain using boiling water to enjoy fresh air throughout in your home.

Repair the Leaking Pipes

Broken pipes can be the causes of bad smell in your home. Leaking materials from the broken pipes causes accumulation of waste products at one point where they decay and start releasing bad smell. This may find its way back to the drain and flow out. To prevent this, one should always check for any breakage on the pipe. In any case that you find a leaking pipe you should repair the pipes immediately to avoid this stinking menace. This could also be a symptom of a damage sewer pipe which we have covered how to diagnose in this post.

Ensure That You Clean the Pipes Thoroughly

Most of the bad smell coming from the drain is caused by poor cleaning. If you want fresh air in to your home ensure that you clean the drain and the pipes. There are several ways through which you can clean the pipes. Some of these include use of liquid drain cleaners, use of boiling water as mentioned earlier, use of drain screens to ensure no big particles gets in the pipe. Always ensure that you take proactive measures so that you don’t have odour jetting from the drain.