5 Critical Benefits Of Using A Water Filter

Water filter installation is one of the major plumbing services to both commercial and residential areas in Australia. With bottled water becoming shockingly expensive, unhealthy and unsustainable, water filters are quickly becoming the best option for many households. These are gadgets/appliances that provide clean water that’s free from debris, chemicals, and minerals, substances that are like to harm your health. 

Why Use a Water Filter

Here are the main benefits of installing a water filter in your place:

1.    Better-Tasting Drinking water

Better-Tasting Drinking Water The reason why water tastes or smells bad is due to the numerous minerals and chemicals such as chlorine and other contaminants. Some of these contaminants include the bacteria that are mostly responsible for the bad smell. A water filter is able to remove all the bacteria causing smells in the water and also other chemicals including chlorine for better-tasting and better-smelling water. Also, remember that most piping systems, such as metal pipes, corrode to produce rust that changes the smell and taste of the water. These are some of the problems that a good water filter will address.

2.    Safe/Healthy Drinking Water

With water pollution, there are numerous poisonous chemicals dissolved in the water. One of them that can easily find its way into our tap water is lead. It’s hard to identify, but it should be removed from the water for your health. Water filters provide the easiest and most effective ways of removing such poisonous substances from the water. It’s important to note that lead is carcinogenic to humans and thus it’s a very harmful substance to the body.

3.    Greatly Reduce the Risk of Cancers

Numerous health conditions can be a result of drinking contaminated water from your water tank or from any other source of water. Some of them include rectal, bladder and colon cancers but they can be prevented by drinking clean and safe water. With the current controversy over bottled water, it’s hard to rely on them for safe drinking water, and that’s why you need a water filter. By removing chlorine and other chemicals harmful to the body, it will ensure that you are living a healthy life.

4.    Better Health

Filtered Water Equals Better Health By taking filtered water, it protects your body from dangerous chemicals and pathogens, and this is what leads to better overall health. By removing all contaminants in the water, your body will not be exposed to the major health risks that it is with tap water. Filtered water also works best for the children who need clean water for proper growth. Do not trust the bottled water with your children since not all of it is up to the standards.

5.    Costs Less for Clean Water

Compared to the cost of the bottled water, water filters provide the most economical way of getting clean drinking water. It will only cost you for the initial installation and the benefits outweigh the cost by far, that is why LJM Plumbing recommends it. It’s also important to note that a good water filter remains effective for an extended amount of time, making it even more valuable.