5 Key Factors That Affect Water Heater Replacement Cost

It’s difficult for anyone to do without a functional hot water system in Australia, particularly during the cold seasons. But a few factors should be considered while planning to install a new heating system. Among the essential factors that you need to consider is the budget for this appliance. 

How Much Does A Hot Water System Replacement Cost in Australia

There are a number of considerations that might dictate how much you invest in this project. Here are some of the key factors that are likely to influence the cost of your hot water system:

1.    Type of Water Heater

Solar Panel Water Heater The type of water heater is a factor that will impact the budget you need for the project. There is a variety of hot water heater systems, and each comes with different costs depending on their quality. You can go for a tank or tankless system, but the latter model is slightly more expensive. You can also choose from solar powered, electric powered, or gas powered systems. Although this may depend on the available source of energy, the pricing is different for each of them. For instance, you need to put more money in solar powered water heaters than the rest of the available options.

2.    Water Heater Location

The location of a water heater is another factor that will dictate the cost. A few things will come into play depending on the distance the system is to be placed from your home. First is the increased cost of labor if the system is to be placed far from the house. Similarly, if the water heater is to be placed in a tight space where it’s not accessible, it will cost you more.

Another factor to consider is the actual location of the system. For instance, if you are to install a gas-powered water heater in the garage, you need to raise it at least 18 inches off the floor, and this will cost you extra money.

3.    Cost of Permits

You need to consider the amount charged by the local authorities to install new or a replacement water heater. Most of the costs come from the inspection of the site – including plumbing inspections – upgrades of water lines or gas lines to fit the new tank, although there are others. If there will be any changes that will require new permits, then you need to set apart a higher budget.

4.    Number of People/Bathrooms

People Using Water Heater This is another crucial factor to consider while budgeting for a new water heater. If the number of the people in your household is large, then you will need to dig deeper into your pockets. For smaller hot water heating systems, the cost will be lower unless there are other factors to dictate otherwise.

5.    Number of Appliances Needing Hot Water

The number appliances in the modern homes using hot water have increased significantly in the recent years. Most of these appliances are in the kitchen and bathrooms and others such as washing machines require a lot of water. If you have or you are planning to have all these appliances, you need a larger system and this will cost you more.