Water Seepage and Flooding

This is one of our specialities and in demand services. We like to meet with our customers on site to discuss options and present a detailed quote on the rectification of these issues. Water seepage can cause major structural damage to buildings, inconvenience and loss of property.

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Water seepage (water coming through your floor or walls) is often the result of incorrectly designed drainage outside the house and something that is quickly becoming one of the most common problems our team deals with across Brisbane.

Property flooding caused by water coming through the structure can be simple or complex.  A lot of our projects are designed by our drainage experts who’ve worked in this field for 20 plus years.

We also work along side of engineers to make repairs for complex issues where damage has occurred to buildings from these issues.

Our well-tested systems are combined with other trades who assist us with additional considerations such as termite protection, electrical and any other requirements that need to be considered for your property.

water seepage and flooding

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