Simple Ways to Unclog a Toilet

9 Simple Ways to Unclog a Toilet

A clogged toilet is the last thing you would want to experience in your home. From the bad smell to possible toilet overflows, it is a problem that requires immediate attention. Fortunately, you don’t have to call your local plumber since it’s a problem that you can solve by yourself. You don’t require any special skills but just a few tips on how to do it. Most toilet clogs result from a blockage of the drain by foreign objects. You either push the objects away or suck them out.

Here are the main ways to unclog your toilet:

1.    Take a Plunge

If you don’t have a toilet plunger at home, you’re sitting on a time bomb. Whenever a toilet clogs, this is the first tool that you should go for. A plunge is simply a circular rubber cup attached to a handle. All you need is to align the rubber cup of the plunger over the centre of the bowl and apply downward pressure. Start pressing slowly and increase the intensity gradually to dislodge the obstruction. If you feel that the pressing force has reduced, the clog has been removed.

2.    The Model Volcano Method

Unclog Toilet, Baking Soda, VinegarThis is simply a mix of baking soda and vinegar. It’s a homemade drain cleaner that works extremely well in unclogging toilets. You only need to make a mix of 1/3rd of a cup of baking soda and 1/3rd cup of vinegar. This should be a very quick activity. When the mixture starts fizzing, pour it into the clogged drain. It’s this fizzing that helps in removing the grime, hair and gunk build-up in the pipes/drain. This is how your toilet gets unclogged. Note that the mix must be given some time to work- maybe an hour or even overnight.

3.    Boiling Water

There is no other easy way to unclog a toilet than boiled water. Since most of the clogging particles are organic in nature, it is very easy to have them broken down by hot water. All you need is to heat water to the highest temperatures possible (until it boils) and then pour it immediately into the bowl. To get the best out of it, pour it slowly in two or three stages. This allows the water to work on the obstruction between each pour. It the easiest and the quickest way to have your toilet unclogged, especially if it’s an organic cloth.

4.    Get Slippery

By getting the bowl and the drain slippery is an easy way to unclog a toilet is just a single move. All you need is to warm some water and liquid dish soap. As you wait for the water to warm, squirt a good amount of liquid soap and give it some time to settle. After half hour or so, pour the warm water into the drain from at least a foot above the bowl. The force created by the water will unclog the toilet by pushing the obstruction away. The soap will make it possible for the clog to slide on easily.

5.    The Bent Wire Hanger

Hanger for Clogged ToiletThis method is surprisingly effective and very easy to execute. If you don’t have most of the unclogging tools, a wire hunger can be the perfect tool. Straighten the wire out and bend one end to create a small hook for fishing purposes. Push the wire past the drain cover and start fishing or moving it in circular rotations. If the obstructions an organic object, it will be broken into small pieces by the circular motions. If clogs are pieces of cloth or hair, they will be fished out by the hook.

6.    Use Wet/Dry Vacuum

This is another super effective way to unclog a toilet. With this vacuum, it will take you less than a minute to have the toilet unclogged. But you have to be extra careful while using this tool. First, you must set it to vacuum liquids.  Second, you must also have the vent covered to the possible mess. With this taken care of, you can now get down to work. Clear all the water and debris off the bowl. With the bowl cleared, place the hose into the drain and create the tightest seal you can with a towel or clothing. Turn on the vacuum, and it will be sucked the clog up the hose into the vacuum bag. Note that it must be a wet and dry vacuum.

7.    The Drain Snake

Although it is a low-tech tool, it works wonders in unclogging toilets. This piece of equipment is simply a long flexible metal rope with a spiral end. Its working mechanism is straightforward since all you need is to push it down the drain. It can easily manoeuvre through the corners of the drain than most of the plumbing tools. If you push it and you feel some resistant, twist it in circular motions so as to break the clog into smaller pieces. Keep doing this until when the toilet starts flushing normally.

8.    Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda, Clogged ToiletCaustic soda is a nasty chemical that can burn, but it’s very effective for unclogging toilets. To use this chemical, you need to get some rubber gloves and eye protection. You can pick the chemical from the local hardware or grocery stores. Pour a ¾ gallon of cold water into a bucket, and add 3 cups of caustic soda. Stir the solution well with a wooden spoon until it begins to fizz and heat up. Then pour it into the blocked drain and leave the solution for 20-30 minutes, then flush with boiling water. Repeat if it’s still clogged.

9.    Rubber Glove

Though it may appear weird, you can use your hands to unclog the toilet. But you need rubber gloves for this. With rubber gloves, you can easily remove the clog.  Put on the gloves and reach for the clog in the drain. If you can feel it, crush or fish it out. Then flush the toilet to see if the obstruction has disappeared.

These are simple ways to unclog your toilet. You don’t need any special training or sophisticated tools. These are do-it-yourself toilet unclogging methods. If these methods fail, you can call a plumbing and drainage company in your area.

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